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How the Fundraising Report Card® came to be

MarketSmart’s Fundraising Report Card® was developed with one goal in mind: To help nonprofits raise more money more efficiently. It all started when Greg Warner, MarketSmart’s CEO and founder, introduced himself to some folks who had dedicated their careers to helping nonprofits raise more money more efficiently. But they were using Excel to calculate fundraising metrics and sometimes their program took 12 hours to process data (as long as it didn’t crash your computer).

Greg offered to solve their technology problem by developing a state-of-the-art online application that would help fundraisers analyze their data quickly so they could become exponentially more effective. Now the Fundraising Report Card® is being used all over the world providing nonprofits with a free analysis platform that helps fundraisers gain insights into their data.

Today, people like you are signing up to use the tool in droves and nonprofits are benefitting from its compelling charts that help their staff make sense of their data, spot trends, and make decisions to improve their effectiveness.

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