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Data-Driven Fundraiser Book

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What’s inside

Learn what data-driven fundraising is and identify key metrics to measure.

Feel more confident in your ability to produce data-driven fundraising campaigns, and measure their effectiveness.

Learn how to calculate your retention rates and identify ways you can benchmark performance against peers.

Explore how to calculate donor acquisition cost, what it is used for, and some best practices for leveraging it.

Implement components of evidence-based practice (EBP) in your next fundraising campaign.

Understand how to use data and fundraising metrics to help make strategic decisions.



Metrics That Matter helped me understand how to set realistic goals. It’s an easy and quick read. Give it a shot.

Robert Wiggins

VP of Advancement




Metrics That Matter is a must read! It gives organizations a quick way to report back on those metrics in an easily digested format. Highly recommended!

Pamela Grow

Founder, GrowConsulting & Fundraising Expert


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