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  • Analyze up to 75,000 donations
Total: $960.00
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  • Analyze up to 5,000 donations
Total: $240.00
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  • Analyze up to 5,000 donations

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Enterprise XL

  • Analyze up to 25,000,000 donations
Total: $5,040.00
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  • Analyze up to 5,000,000 donations
Total: $3,000.00
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  • Analyze up to 1,000,000 donations
Total: $2,400.00
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  • Analyze up to 500,000 donations
Total: $1,440.00
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Consultant Annually


  • Analyze data for unlimited clients
Total: $5,000.00
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  • Analyze data for unlimited clients
Total: $1,250.00
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Paid vs. Free

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Free includes

  • Unlimited team members
  • Export donor segments
  • Set custom giving levels
  • Customize report colors
  • Month-by-month analysis
  • Email support

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What Our Users Are Saying

Using the Fundraising Report Card® has given us the insight we need to set realistic goals. We have a real-time view into the major metrics, and no longer have to spend days or weeks digging through data in spreadsheets.

Robert Wiggins

VP of Advancement

The Fundraising Report Card® is a great tool! It allows nonprofit organizations to amplify the donor signal amidst all the noise while turning data into meaningful actionable information. The tool really allows organizations to move into a metrics and growth mindset.

TJ McGovern, MPA

President, McG Consulting Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fundraising Report Card® really free?

The Fundraising Report Card® is really, truly free. Add unlimited donation records, and view key performance metric reports in seconds. This isn’t just a free trial, the Fundraising Report Card® is free for as long as you have a subscription.

What is a gift transaction?

A gift transactions occurs every time someone donates. Each row of data in a file you upload is considered a “gift transaction”. Gift transactions and donations are synonymous when you’re working with the Fundraising Report Card®

How many years of donation data should I upload?

The Fundraising Report Card® can handle up to 50 years of donation data. At a minimum we recommend that you upload a file with at least 3 years of donation data. Ideally, you should upload a file with 5 or more years of donation data.

How many times can I upload gift transaction data?

You can upload new data files as frequently as you like, there are no limitations. We encourage uploading lists centered around specific campaigns and appeals so that you can analyze performance on a per campaign basis.

How is the Fundraising Report Card® different from my donor CRM?

Unlike reports and queries from donor CRM, the Fundraising Report Card® is specifically engineered to provide you and your team with the information you need to make data-driven strategic decisions. With the Fundraising Report Card® you can interact with, visualize, and customize everything. You get to take a peek under the hood at your fundraising operation.

How does the Fundraising Report Card® improve my strategy process?

The Fundraising Report Card® provides both high-level (whole organization) and low-level (specific giving level) metrics and breakdowns to provide a comprehensive overview of your fundraising efforts. Not to mention it saves you tons of time, energy and effort.

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