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Security & Privacy

Our commitment to protect your organization’s information

The Fundraising Report Card® takes data security very seriously. We utilize industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption on all web pages. In addition to this, we never store sensitive data — everything you upload to the Fundraising Report Card® is anonymous.

Industry standard security protocols

All data transmitted on or through the Fundraising Report Card® is encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption at all times. We frequently review our technology infrastructure to ensure we protected against vulnerabilities. Your data — both login information and anonymous donor data — are secured by industry standard protection at all times.

Entirely anonymous data

We never ask for, save, or even accept any identifying donor information. If you try and upload a file with identifying information (names, birthdates, etc.) we will not save your file and you will receive an error. The Fundraising Report Card® will only work when anonymous data is uploaded. This protects your organization from exposing sensitive information.

PCI compliant

All payment information is safely secured by our payment processor Stripe. Stripe maintains industry standard PCI-compliant systems to safely transfer your sensitive payment information. You can read more on Stripe’s industry leading security standards and practices here.

Verified daily

We routinely test our systems to make sure they are operating properly. In addition to this we maintain frequent testing from third-parties such as ScanVerify.



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