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Fundraising Report Card + NeonCRM

Access to analytics empowers better fundraising.

That’s why we’ve partnered with leading non-profit CRM NeonCRM to give Fundraising Report Card® users a faster, more seamless way to capture insights into their donor’s behavior and trends. See how well your fundraising department has been retaining, upgrading and acquiring donors in seconds when you sync your NeonCRM data to the Fundraising Report Card®. It’s free, with no strings attached.

Here’s how it works:

It’s as simple as it sounds. Within seconds you’ll be visualizing and analyzing your NeonCRM database in a whole new way.

The Fundraising Report Card® lets you analyze, visualize and dive deeper into your donor data. We understand that forming a fundraising strategy is a complex task. Whether you’re a one person shop or a multi department organization you’ll want to make sure that the numbers back you up, and the Fundraising Report Card® sync with NeonCRM is the simplest way to do it. The Fundraising Report Card® brings your team—and your process—together to raise more money, faster.

Access to analytics empowers better fundraising.

To celebrate our free integration between NeonCRM and the Fundraising Report Card® we put together an overview of what a DIY fundraising audit would look like with NeonCRM + the Fundraising Report Card®. Take a look at that article, sync up your data and in seconds you’ll be a more data-driven nonprofit!

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