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What You Should Include in a Board Presentation (with Examples & A Free Template)

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Can you believe it? Another year has nearly come and gone. In lieu of the inevitable flood of content on #GivingTuesday and end of year fundraising, I thought I would get a head start on another important year-end item; reporting to the board.

Depending on your organization’s fiscal calendar, your year end may have already occurred. But, if your organization runs on the calendar year, this means it’s nearly time to share an update with your the board. Reporting to the board may be daunting, but it’s incredibly important. Your board is tasked with overseeing your organization, and providing them with a snapshot into the health of the organization’s fundraising is critical to their success.

The goal of a board meeting goes beyond simply discussing and voting on the affairs of the organization. Board members typically assume their positions because they are interested in the wellbeing and health of the organization. As a development professional it’s your responsibility to share with the board enough relevant and pertinent information to help them make sound decisions into the future. Your annual (or hopefully more frequent) meeting with the board is an opportunity to share what you think is most helpful to allow the organization to further its mission.

It is not uncommon for board members to be disinterested in fundraising. The mission of the organization and the programs it funds may be of primary interest to all (or most) of the board. That’s fine, it simply means it’s even more important that we do a good job “peeling back the curtain” when it comes to the financial health of the organization. It’s important to remember there are no programs without fundraising. Your brief presentation to the board is a great opportunity to make it clear how important your role is to the organization and why the board should take an interest.

What not to include in your presentation

What is most important to share with your board

Give your board an overview of this year’s fundraising performance. To do that, create a slide in your presentation that has a table with:

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