Fundraising Report Card

Simple Fundraising Analytics for Nonprofits

Enhance your fundraising with effortless, easy & free to use analytics.

Thousands of nonprofits use Fundraising Report Card® to leverage their data.

The simplest analytics and reporting tool for nonprofit pros.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Now measuring is easier than ever.

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Fundraising KPIs

  • Average Donation Amount
  • Donor LTV
  • Bequest Potential
  • One-time vs. Recurring Donors
  • Retention Rate
  • Donation Frequency
  • … and many more!

Performance Metrics

  • Donation Growth
  • Donor Acquisition
  • Lapsed Donors
  • Donor Retention
  • Donor Churn
  • Donation Reactivation
  • Donation Retention

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The Fundraising Report Card® is a great tool! It allows nonprofit organizations to amplify the donor signal amidst all the noise while turning data into meaningful actionable information. The tool really allows organizations to move into a metrics and growth mindset.

TJ McGovern, MPA

President, McG Consulting Group

Using the Fundraising Report Card® has given us the insight we need to set realistic goals. We have a real-time view into the major metrics, and no longer have to spend days or weeks digging through data in spreadsheets.

Robert Wiggins

VP of Advancement

Which organizations do I see experiencing the greatest fundraising success? Nonprofits where everyone – board, staff, volunteers – are on the same page, tracking the same goals. Having a strong dashboard system focused on the metrics that count is one of the best ways of achieving that goal. And the Fundraising Report Card® gives organizations a quick way to report back on those metrics in an easily digested format. Highly recommended!

Pamela Grow

Founder, GrowConsulting & Fundraising Expert

Sync with your existing database or CRM in seconds.

Or, simply drag and drop a spreadsheet with donor ids, donation dates, and donation amounts.

1000+ nonprofits use Fundraising Report Card® to leverage their data.

Fundraising Report Card®
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