Webinar: Growing Your Consulting Business Through Analytics

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Date and Time: Wednesday, March 20th at 2PM EST

“Growing Your Consulting Business Through Analytics” is a participatory and actionable webinar aimed at helping you build stronger analytic services as a consultant to grow your business. Participants will learn about the value of fundraising analytics as a consulting differentiator, selling both the sizzle and the steak of analytics, using quick program assessments as a new business generation tool, strengthening your value proposition with current clients by conducting regular analysis, and using analytics to cross-sell clients into new business opportunities with you.

You don’t need a lot of money to strengthen your analytic services, and it’s a lot easier to get started than you would think.


Dan Doyle is Chief Evangelist at Fundraising Report Card. He is widely recognized for his nonprofit and fundraising leadership. Prior to joining Fundraising Report Card, Dan was the Founder of mobile fundraising start-up CharitySprout and was the CEO of integrated fundraising agency Mal Warwick + Donordigital where he doubled revenue and tripled company profitability based primarily on growing the analytic products and services of the agency. Dan has also served as a mentor to numerous business founders/owners through the impact investment firm, Pacific Community Ventures. During his career of over 30 years, Dan has counted as clients such notable organizations as the Democratic National Committee, Alzheimer’s Association, Habitat for Humanity International, Earthjustice, CARE, National Organization for Women, the NAACP, PETA, Human Rights Campaign, and dozens of local and regional nonprofits.

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