Manual sync

Click here to download step-by-step instructions for manually syncing your eTapestry database and your Fundraising Report Card account.

Enable the integration (coming soon)

To integrate eTapestry and Fundraising Report Card you will need a free integration account with Sidekick Solutions. Click here to set up your free account.

Upon registering for your free integration account from Sidekick Solutions, you will be emailed step-by-step instructions on how to configure your eTapestry integration. There are four steps for you to complete.

Once you complete the configuration, Sidekick Solutions will send you an email confirming activation of your integration. The confirmation email will contain a unique API key.

  • Copy your API key from the email
  • Navigate to the Integrations page in your Fundraising Report Card account
  • Select eTapestry from the list of integrations
  • Add your API key and download your first data set

A new set of data from your eTapestry database will be available for upload in Fundraising Report Card once per day (updated nightly).


Who is Sidekick Solutions, and why do I need an account with them?

Sidekick Solutions is a leading eTapestry consultancy and integration firm. Sidekick Solutions created a free integration between eTapestry and Fundraising Report Card and is sharing the integration as a unique way to use the eTapestry API.

More information on the eTapestry API can be found here.

More information on Sidekick Solutions can be found here.

Have questions? Not quite ready to set up your free integration account? Contact Sidekick Solutions here to learn more about the integration.

What data is retrieved from eTapestry?

The Fundraising Report Card analyzes donation data only. Your integration syncs eTapestry gifts, recurring gifts, and pledge payments for all time (all received transactions in your database).

Fundraising Report Card only has access to three fields of data from eTapestry:

  • Account Ref (a Constituent ID)
  • Journal Entry Date
  • Received Amount

Fundraising Report Card never has access to any other donor information.

Do I need eTapestry technical expertise to set up the integration?

No, set up a free integration account with Sidekick Solutions here. Step-by-step instructions will be emailed to you. No eTapestry experience is needed to set up the integration. You will need an eTapestry administrator login to set up the integration. Contact your database administrator if you do not have administrator rights in eTapestry.

What is the refresh interval?

To get the most up-to-date data in the Fundraising Report Card, you’ll need to manually access the Integrations page and click “Update”. This will save a new data-file in the Data Center. A new set of data is available for upload once per day based on nightly updates of your data via the integration from Sidekick Solutions.

How do I set my fiscal year?

Fundraising Report Card will not automatically set your fiscal year. To set your fiscal year, please go to the my account page. More on setting your fiscal year can be found here.

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