Connecting Kindful to the Fundraising Report Card

In your Fundraising Report Card account navigate to the Integrations page. Click on Kindful and click on “login to Kindful”. This allows the Fundraising Report Card to begin retrieving data from Kindful.

Then, after the page reloads, click “start sync”. Head to the Data Center to check the progress of your integration. We’ll send you an email as soon as your dashboards are ready to be viewed!

When everything is finished syncing you will see dashboards on the left, click “Growth,” or “Acquisition” to get started.

Manually Importing from Kindful to Fundraising Report Card

Instead of using the one-click integration, you may want to analyze only a segment of your Kindful database. If that is the case, follow this step-by-step tutorial to export and import data from Kindful to Fundraising Report Card.


What data is retrieved from Kindful?

The Fundraising Report Card only has access to three fields of data:

  • Donor ID #’s
  • Donation dates
  • Donation amounts

Fundraising Report Card never have access to any other donor information.

What Kindful data can be analyzed by Fundraising Report Card?

Right now you can only analyze your entire donor database via our Kindful integration.

What is the refresh interval?

To get the most up-to-date data in the Fundraising Report Card you’ll need to manually access the Integrations page and click “update”. This will save a new data-file in the Data Center.

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