Common upload errors

There’s nothing worse than running into an error message! Here are a few common issues to look out for when you upload your data.

Common error causes

  1. Make sure all dates are in the same format. E.g. 01/10/15 and “January 10 2015” in the same file will not work
    • Please try opening your file in Excel and format the date to column to “date” and save as .csv, this may resolve the problem.
  1. Avoid gaps in your data and only upload files with consecutive years.
  1. Upload at least 3 years of donation history so that you get all of the different reports.
  1. Every row needs data for each column. E.g. a row with just a gift amount and no donor id and date will not work
  1. Donation amounts cannot be negative. Try sorting your column from least to greatest to remove any negative values.
  1. Sometimes column headers can be an issue. Try removing any text above your columns and uploading again.
  1. Make sure your date column doesn’t have time in the column, for example 2003-01-02 [00:00:00] will not work, but 2003-01-02 will.
Pro Tip: You can upload as many years of data as you’d like, no limitations!
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