What data should I upload?

For beginners

Upload an Excel spreadsheet of all donations (at least 3 years worth) from your database or CRM.

Include only Donor IDs | Donation Dates | Donation Amounts in your spreadsheet. This is what your file should look like:

example fundraising report card file

  1. Login to your account
  1. Click on upload data to create dashboard

  1. Finished!

If you ran into an error, please check our common upload errors help page, edit your spreadsheet and upload once more.

For advanced users

Perform segmented analysis by uploading multiple data-files to Fundraising Report Card.

Remember to only include Donor IDs | Donation Dates | Donation Amounts in your spreadsheets.

For example, if you wanted to do a comparison of alumni and staff retention rates you would run a report for all donations from alumni donors and save that file as “alumni-donations.csv”. Then you would run a separate report for all donations from staff and save that file “staff-donations.csv”. In your Fundraising Report Card account you would upload both files and then be able to toggle between the different datasets to view your dashboards.

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