Introducing Metrics That Matter (Season 1, Episode 1)

Metrics That Matter Podcast - Episode 1 Promo Art
Discover what this new podcast is all about, learn what data-driven fundraising is, how to build a data-driven culture, the basic metrics you’ll need to understand, and how to start using this at your nonprofit. Click here to listen on YouTube! Topic Timestamps
  • What is Metrics That Matter? [01:01]
  • State of fundraising for most organizations? [01:52]
  • How decisions are made? [03:30]
  • Fear of trying something new? [05:57]
  • Changing fundraising culture at your organization? [07:29]
  • Any other preliminaries before we get into metrics? [08:59]
  • Annual Rate of Growth [12:07]
  • Average Annual Gift Size [15:23]
  • Don’t be scared of math [17:22]
  • Donor Lifetime Value [18:14]
  • The Starbucks example [20:48]
  • Applying this episode at your nonprofit [22:23]

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