Beyond the Basics with Donor Retention (Season 1, Episode 5)


Learn just how important donor retention is and how to make smarter decisions to improve retention and donation revenue.

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    Topic Timestamps
  • Donor retention [02:00]
  • Overall revenue impact? [03:10]
  • What mistakes do people make analyzing this data? [06:06]
  • Segmenting your data [06:46]
  • Smaller dollar donors [08:22]
  • Benchmarks (FRC) [09:04]
  • Is 12 months a good frequency to track? [10:27]
  • How do you improve your retention rate? [12:21]
  • What is a good retention rate? [15:11]
  • Segmenting by age? [17:18]
  • Where do you start? [18:05]
  • Retained donors give more [19:01]
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